How to call Verizon to get an appointment with your doctor


A woman in Florida has been given a call from Verizon, telling her she needs to make a appointment to see a doctor for a new condition.

The call came Monday afternoon from Verizon’s emergency number.

We’re told that the call is from a man named Scott.

He told the woman she needs a visit to Verizon’s office in Sarasota, Florida, on Wednesday, according to the caller’s account on Twitter.

She told the man that she had just gotten her appointment and that she wanted to call.

He asked for her phone number and told her he would be at Verizon’s offices in Tampa and Orlando by 9:30.

We asked Verizon about the call, and the company confirmed the call was coming from Verizon but wouldn’t comment further.

The woman, who we’ll call Sarah, is not in the country legally, and her travel documents don’t show her coming from a Verizon office, according the caller.

We reached out to Verizon to see if it was possible to have the woman’s call cancelled, but the company told us that Verizon doesn’t cancel calls on a regular basis.

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