Which banking software is right for you?


Updated September 06, 2018 10:15:43If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of bank-issued banking software, here’s what to look out for:Which bank software can you install?

The big three banks: AAN, Vodafone and ASX are all offering bank-approved banking software.AAN’s ‘Pay and Check’ program lets you create your own bank accounts, open accounts and make payments from your mobile phone.

You can also use the bank’s ATM or check account to withdraw cash, money orders, money transfers and credit cards.ASX’s ‘Online Banking’ lets you make online payments to your bank accounts using your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The bank also offers online banking and payment applications that let you send and receive money, like ‘Coupon and Pay’ and ‘Transfer’.

Pay and check programs can also be used to make transfers to other banks, or to withdraw money from ATMs or cash machines.

Here are some other banks’ software options:AAN Pay: A payment app that lets you check and manage your bank account and add/edit payments, pay for goods and services, send and collect payments, transfer funds, make deposits and more.

You can create a payment account, open a payment bank account or open an account with your mobile wallet, and transfer funds to/from your bank.

It also offers a variety of payments options, including ‘Pay & Check’ which lets you send, receive, make and track payments, send/receive money orders and more to/through your mobile.

Vodaflee Pay: Vodacom’s online payment system for mobile phones.

It lets you transfer funds from your smartphone to your Vodacon bank account.

It also offers ‘Pay&Check’, which lets people send and withdraw money to their Vodacons.ASXP Pay: Pay and check for your bank from your bank card or paypal account, or create your account and make money payments from that account to other Vodas.APN Pay: ‘Pay’ and “check” for your online payments from APN’s payment app, and also use your mobile to make payments to other APNs, like APN Money or APN Cash.

Pay & check are both available in Australia, but not available in New Zealand.

Here’s a list of the most popular bank software apps for the big three:As you can see, all three are available on Android, iOS and Windows 10.

You may have noticed that the above is a list from 2017, while the list for 2018 is a more recent update.

But this is just the way we do things and some of these programs are still available in 2017.

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