How to get a driving appointment in Georgia


Georgia will become the first state in the US to allow doctors to prescribe and administer a tetanus vaccine.

The state has approved the trial of a vaccine for children aged four and under, after it received a request for proposals from doctors in October.

The state has not yet given a firm date for the trial.

A total of 1,300 children are to get the tetanus-diphtheria-rubella vaccine from November, the state Department of Health said.

A trial in the state of Georgia is set to begin in November, and the state is expected to start administering the vaccine to adults in the next three months.

Tetanus is caused by the coronavirus that causes a severe infection of the small intestines and is particularly common in the developing world.

The US is among several countries, including Australia and the UK, that allow parents to get immunised against tetanus if they have no children with the virus.