How to find a job in the digital economy


Samarra: How to choose an employment agency in samaria article A young couple from the city of Samara, in northern Lebanon, is trying to make it as an employment agent in the countrys digital economy.

“We want to learn how to work in the cloud and the digital ecosystem, and to help other young people,” says Ali al-Nouri, who runs an employment consultancy in the city.

Al-Nuri is also an employee of the company that has developed a service that connects job seekers to employers in the local economy.

The service, called JobLink, allows job seekers who want to apply for jobs to upload their resume, photos, and their education credentials, and the firm then analyzes the information and sends them an e-mail when a match is found.

The firm has already started to employ more than 2,000 people.

“Our hope is that we can make this service accessible to people who have never been in this industry before,” says al-Ninouri.

JobLink also offers the option to set up an appointment, and provides support to job seekers through chatbots and emails.

“If a person is a job seeker and wants to learn about this job market, we offer an interactive learning platform where they can learn from us, and get advice,” says Al-Ninuri.

Job Link is one of the few employment agencies that are using digital technologies in their work, says Ibrahim al-Sari, an employment consultant who works with more than 40 young people.

A few years ago, many young people were not ready to get involved in this kind of work, but now they are coming to us to learn and find jobs in this field, he says.