Vaccination appointment cancelled after patient fails to respond


A pharmacist in the Florida Keys has been temporarily suspended after a patient failed to provide her requested dose of an anti-virus drug, the state Health Department announced on Monday.

Dwayne Sosa, owner of Biotest Pharmacy in Sanford, Florida, was informed by his pharmacy management team that the patient had failed to take her scheduled dose of a drug, a routine practice in the state, the department said.

The patient was not informed by the pharmacist about the failure to take the dose, nor did she have a valid prescription, the health department said in a statement.

Sosa said he would have called the pharmacy management team on Monday to inform the patient of the situation, but that she had not responded to his emails and texts.

Biotest is the third pharmacy in the area to be suspended since mid-December because of the vaccine shortage.

In February, another pharmacist was suspended after she failed to administer an anti–fungal drug to a patient who had been admitted to a hospital.

Spencer Smith, the owner of Smith & Associates in Miami, was also suspended in November after he refused to provide a patient a dose of Gardasil vaccine to prevent a rare skin infection.

The state has announced a $5 million injection of funds into the Florida Department of Health to address the shortage.

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