When the Fluid Dynamics of Automated Driverless Vehicles is About to Go Live


A new automated driving test has been installed at a Florida gas station that allows the gas station’s customer to watch the gas pump pump run and monitor the flow of gas through the vehicle.

The company that installed the test, Fluid Technologies, said in a statement that the “driver can control the vehicle’s speed with the press of a button.”

The test uses a camera mounted on the pump, which takes pictures of the vehicle and sends the information back to Fluid’s servers.

If the vehicle makes a “safe” speed, the camera will display an indicator that says “OK.”

The camera will also show a green circle in the middle of the screen when the gas pressure is at its highest.

Fluid is the company behind a number of other automated driving tests, including one at a gas station in Texas.

If a gas pump doesn’t work, the customer can watch the pump’s data feed, and Fluid can “follow the flow” to the pump.

It’s unclear how many people have signed up for the test.

The new automated drive test is part of a larger suite of automated driving features that Fluid has been working on in recent years, including a self-driving car that could operate in certain parking lots and on public streets.

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