Doctor Who: ‘Doctor Who: Time of the Doctor’ spoilers leak, new plot synopsis and new images


IGN is reporting that Doctor Who writer and executive producer Steven Moffat has been leaking a new plot summary for the seventh season of Doctor Who.

Moffat also shared the synopsis of a new episode titled “The Doctor Dances”, which will air on Sunday, March 4.

The synopsis reads: “In a desperate bid to save the Time Lord’s life, a group of time travellers crash-land on Earth and are attacked by the evil Dr. Who.”

According to Moffat, “The Time Lords are back, this time armed with a new weapon: the Time Vortex.

But their time-bending abilities aren’t enough to stop the Doctor, who’s now the last surviving Time Lord.”

It’s unclear if the new plot will be used for the upcoming season of The Great Time War, which takes place during the events of the first season.

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