Why do we get so excited about traveling to new places?


Now that we’ve established that the trip is actually about a trip, we need to talk about the experience.

And there’s a few ways to think about it.

Let’s take a look at the three most common responses that we see when people ask, “Where are you from?”

If you are from somewhere other than the United States, you may be asking yourself, “Why is that important to me?”

Or, “Who do I know who would be interested in traveling with me?”

Here’s what I would suggest you do if you’re wondering.


“I just can’t wait to go on this trip!”


“We don’t know where we are yet.

Will I be able to get there in time?”


“Maybe I should just be grateful for the fact that I’m not from the United Kingdom.”

If you’re asking this question, you probably haven’t heard the word “travel.”

Or maybe you have.

But you’re probably familiar with the term “trip.”

So it’s safe to assume that “travel” is in use.

When I first heard the term, I thought it sounded too familiar.

Travel was something I had heard about a lot, and I just couldn’t wait for it.

But in reality, “traveling” is nothing like the term you may have heard.

There’s so much more to travel than just a trip.

Let me explain.

“Travel” is a term that describes a variety of activities and activities that are not trips.

These activities include the following: 1.

Traveling to another place 2.

Going on an extended trip 3.

Travel to another country 4.

Going to an exotic locale 5.

Going for an educational or cultural event 6.

Going out for a special occasion (like a wedding or a holiday) 7.

Travel as a family 8.

Going somewhere new 9.

Going as a friend 10.

Going with a group 11.

Going alone 12.

Going solo 13.

Going under a bridge 14.

Going through a barrier 15.

Going by boat 16.

Going in a car 17.

Going over land 18.

Going across water 19.

Going underwater 20.

Travel for entertainment, travel for recreation, or to work 21.

Travel on a guided tour or adventure tour 22.

Travel by boat for recreational purposes or for entertainment purposes 23.

Travel with family members 24.

Travel alone, by group, or for recreation 25.

Travel independently 26.

Travel within the United State 27.

Travel without a partner 28.

Travel in a group 29.

Travel across borders 30.

Travel abroad for educational, cultural, or other reasons 31.

Travel outside of the United Republic of States 32.

Travel at a different location each year 33.

Travel overseas to other countries