Chase bank will offer appointment for diagnostic test for heart disease in India


In India, doctors and pharmacists will be able to prescribe the first of its kind diagnostic test in the country.

The country will be the first to make such a test available in India.

The test will be provided at an appointment with a doctor and pharmacist who will be required to take the test.

The treatment will be similar to that of a regular blood test.

The test will assess a patient’s cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, bile acid levels, red blood cells, oxygen consumption and the concentration of a particular protein, a drug used in diagnosing heart disease, called thrombolysis.

It will also test for certain blood markers, including high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), which is a risk marker for the disease.

The cholesterol test will also be conducted on a patient.

The patient will have to pay Rs. 1,000 for the test and the treatment, which will be carried out by a pharmacist.

This test, which is being developed by a joint venture of the Indian government and private companies, is being used by some of the world’s largest hospitals to monitor patients and their health status.

The tests are expected to save lives in India, which has about 6.7 million heart attacks every year, and more than 200,000 deaths.

In addition, India has more than a million heart-related deaths each year, including cardiac arrest and heart failure.

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