MUM who married man who had autism, now suing him for discrimination


A mum who married a man with autism has launched a legal action against the man, accusing him of being insensitive to her son.

The case is the latest twist in the saga of David Vickers, from Cheshire, who is suing the father of two, claiming he has been racially insensitive in his treatment of his son.

David Vickers with his daughter.

Vickers is suing his father, David Vicks, who has autism, for £7,500 ($9,000) after the couple were in a relationship.

David Vicks has told the court he did not know his son was autistic until he saw him when he was 12.

“I had no idea at the time,” he said.

“It’s not like I’m a child-obsessed person.”

The case was heard at London’s Southwark Crown Court on Monday and the court heard that the father and son had a relationship and that he met Vickers when he went to a nightclub in Cheshire.

David was born with an autism spectrum disorder and he was admitted to hospital after being diagnosed in 2015, a court heard.

He says his relationship with Vickers changed over the years and he believed he had an equal chance of getting a child with autism.

At the time, he had a baby girl, but in the years since, he has had two more children.

In May this year, Vickers had his first child with his wife, who he said is a nurse.

She was born in November.

David said he and Vickers married in November last year, and had a daughter, Zoe, who was born two months later.

He told the Court of Appeal in June this year that he and his wife did not speak to each other for several months, until they were both in hospital.

As Vickers went into labour, he found out his daughter was having a baby and he decided to stay in the hospital to look after her.

It was only when the baby was born that he contacted his wife to let her know about it.

During the time that the relationship between the couple was in a state of limbo, Vicks told his wife he wanted to marry her and wanted to give up his job as a carpenter to be with her.

He said he had tried to get her to get pregnant but she had never wanted to have children and the child he wanted was her son, who lives with her now.

On April 27, the couple married again and this time the court was told that Vickers’ mother had written a letter to his father telling him that Vicks was autistic and he would not be allowed to have a child.

His father, who works in the public sector, said he did what he thought was right, but he said he found it difficult to believe his son’s parents had told him this.

David and Zoe’s mother, who gave birth to the couple’s second child in June, told the trial she had to make the decision for her son and he said that the letter did not make him feel he had any choice.

After Vickers made the decision to go into labour and deliver the baby, he told the courts he wanted his daughter to be born with autism because he did feel there was no other option.

Zoe was born a month later.

David says he has struggled with his son for a long time.

He has been struggling with his autism, and the last thing he wanted would be to leave his son and be unable to be around him.

I do not feel safe being around him at all,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.”

He is a beautiful child.

I love him.

He is my baby and my son.

“David said the couple have been together for two years and are hoping to get married in the coming months.”

I have been through so much with this.

I have been in hospitals, I have gone to work.

I’ve been on so many medication and counselling sessions.

All I wanted to do was give my son the best Christmas present,” he added.

‘My son has autism’David Vicker is seeking £7.5million from his father David Vicky over the treatment of the autistic man.

Mr Vicky said he would also like his son to be able to be seen as a normal human being and that there was “no reason why he should be treated differently”.

He said his son, now 10, has autism and has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Despite the challenges, Mr Vicky told the BBC: “My son loves life and is passionate about it, and I love to watch him be successful.”

We are so happy to have him.”

David Vicky has told BBC Breakfast that he feels his son has “lost his mother and everything that made him who he is”.

He added: “I want to be very clear that I love David and he is