When Louisiana governor says he wants to appoint an expert to oversee the development of an emergency medical service, he needs to have a good medical background


By KYLE HENRYKALEN and ALEXANDER MUNSONAssociated PressAssociated PressThe Louisiana governor says in a statement that he wants a doctor who has a bachelor’s degree in a field related to emergency medicine.

Louisiana Gov.

John Bel Edwards said Wednesday that he’s “looking for someone with expertise in the field of emergency medicine” who can help him develop a “fantastic emergency medical system” in the state.

He added: “I’m open to any qualified person.”

Edwards made the announcement at a press conference in Washington.

The announcement came after an emotional press conference Tuesday in which he apologized for a series of remarks that he made during a speech in which a woman, identified by CNN as Dr. Mary Kay O’Keefe, said he was not qualified to be governor.

Edwards’ comments were in response to an audience question from a man, who asked: “John, can you explain the difference between the emergency medicine and the general medicine?”

The governor responded: “Emergency medicine is the practice of treating emergencies in the shortest amount of time.

General medicine is more about the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, like heart attacks and strokes.”

Louisiana has a very limited medical system, he said.

It’s called the Medical System of Louisiana.

That system is “designed for those who are sick or injured, but not those who have cancer or those who need to be hospitalized,” Edwards said.

The governor’s comments come amid growing criticism that Louisiana’s medical system is broken.

A group of senators has written to state health officials asking them to address the lack of funding for the state’s health care system.

They have also called for Edwards to apologize for his remarks.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported Wednesday that Edwards was at a health conference in Atlanta last week where he met with a group of health care leaders and health care executives.

Edward has made numerous comments on Twitter over the past few days, including on Tuesday, in which his supporters accused the state of “covering up” his remarks about the need for an emergency response team.

He also tweeted last week that “the world needs to know how many children died of Ebola.”