How did a small shop become a small market?


The Samarra and Sondra were an Italian-run pharmacy in the small town of Samarrala, in the state of Gozo.

A few years after opening in 1992, the business was sold to a group of businessmen, who later expanded the business into an outlet and grocery store in the same location. 

According to the owners, the family business has been running since 1846 and is still going strong.

The family’s son and grandson were born in the shop. 

“I am happy to be here in Gozo,” said Francesco, a retired teacher and shop owner. 

When asked if he is worried about the local situation, he replied, “I think we are going to do our best.

If it is not safe, we will not open a pharmacy here.””

The people are still here, and the shop still sells.”