How to use the new ‘Oklahoma State Covid Testing’ appointment to get vaccinated for the virus


The Oklahoma State Health Department has approved an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccine clinic to administer the vaccine to pregnant women, which is intended to help people who are infected with the virus.

The appointment was made Tuesday in the office of Dr. James R. Hagerty, who leads the department’s Center for Infectious Diseases.

The office of state epidemiologist Dr. Michael B. Brown, who was also appointed, is overseeing the appointments.

The State Health Commissioner, Dr. John S. Smith, said that Hagerts appointment was needed for the state to take a more active role in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services announced on Thursday that it had signed an agreement with Covid, the company that makes the vaccine, to provide it to hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.

The deal was approved by the state’s Health and Health Care Financing Agency.

The Covid vaccine is a highly effective way to prevent coronaviruses and other diseases that are transmitted through close contact with a person who has a high-risk viral infection.

The state will provide about $6 million in incentives for Covid to help pay for the vaccination clinic.

Covid will provide the vaccine through a clinical trial to the state, which will be run by Covid and the Oklahoma Health Foundation.