How to get a car appointment at Ikea in minutes


This appointment for a car is for the price of a car, but it can be done in just 15 minutes at Ikeas new car appointment center in Chicago, Illinois.

It’s part of Ikeas latest initiative to offer more convenient ways for customers to get car appointments at its stores.

It also means that customers can be in the office, at home, or at a nearby business to be ready for their appointment.

IKEA cars, however, are currently limited to one appointment per day, and there’s no way to schedule one of their cars for the entire day, said Ikea.

In addition to offering the ability to schedule appointments, the new app has been designed to provide customers with quick access to a full car inventory in real-time, with a new car number that can be easily updated on the app.

Read more from MTV News: Ikea cars, while convenient, are limited to the one appointment a day option, and can’t be customized, said Michael Stuckey, director of product management for Ikea’s mobile marketing, online and online video.

The app also includes a handy dashboard for customers and car information, which can be updated in real time, Stucker said.

In addition to being able to schedule a car for the whole day, customers will be able to add their own car number and location, so they can get directions and find their way home, he said.

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