Apple hires 2 more doctors to manage its gynecologists


The Apple medical devices company announced Friday that it has hired two more doctors, bringing the total number of physicians who work for the tech giant to 18.

The company also said it will begin recruiting a fourth physician to manage Apple’s AppleCare for iPhone and iPad customers, a health plan that covers medical services.

AppleCare is one of the few health plans that can be used by Apple employees and other employees who do not have health insurance.

It covers the costs of medical and dental care, including routine visits and prescriptions, in addition to other medical and other services.

Apple said it would pay for up to $2,000 of those out-of-pocket costs for each physician, with the remainder going to its “AppleCare Partners” program.

The news comes after a number of other medical organizations announced they would no longer offer AppleCare, citing a range of health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol., a marketplace for health plans, said in a blog post last month that it would no long continue offering AppleCare.

That was after several companies pulled out of offering the plan in protest.

Apple has also had a hard time attracting new doctors, as it has been increasingly criticized for treating its employees poorly.

AppleCare covers the cost of medical visits and prescription drugs, and it also includes benefits such as medical leave.

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