How to set up a new Apple ID password for your account


If you’re a customer of Apple and your account is compromised, you may have to reset your Apple ID credentials in order to access your account again.

Apple’s security team is cracking down on new accounts in the wake of the recent iCloud hack, and the company has issued a new set of instructions for users to take steps to prevent their accounts from being compromised again.

Apple has issued instructions for the new reset, which is available now on its site.

You can follow the instructions below or click here to get started.

Here are the details on how to reset an Apple ID credential:1.

Select the Account Settings icon on the top right of your Apple Watch.2.

Tap on the reset button on the upper right corner of the screen.3.

Select Reset your Apple IDs credentials on the screen that pops up.4.

You’ll see an email with the information you need to fill out.

Once you’ve done this, your account will be back to its previous state.

Apple says this reset is only temporary.

It also notes that there is a limited time that Apple will be able to reset all of your credentials.

In the meantime, it recommends that you contact your Apple Support team for assistance.