Apple CEO says it will launch a $2 billion round of funding in 2018

Apple is expected to launch a round of new financing in 2018, according to sources familiar with the matter.The company has previously indicated that it may not have enough money to complete its new funding rounds.The timing of Apple’s funding round has been unclear, but sources familiar on the matter said it would likely take

Report says ministers should resign over ‘disgraceful’ abuse of power

A report by the Independent has found ministers should have resigned for their role in covering up the abuse of a disabled child by the disgraced Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay, and criticised the Government’s response to the allegations.The inquiry was commissioned by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department for Education (DE), and the


How to find an appointment at Wells Fargo in New York

You might be wondering how to find a Wells Fargo appointment if you are not able to find one.This is the answer to that question and you can do it online or at your local Wells Fargo.You can use Wells Fargo’s online appointment portal to search for appointments for any of the locations listed on


‘Big’ HIV vaccine for $4.4 billion may be out of reach

The development of a highly targeted HIV vaccine, which is due to be tested in the US this month, is now expected to cost around $4 billion, according to an analyst report from IHS Markit.That estimate is likely to be conservative, given the lack of an effective vaccine candidate.However, that does not mean the technology


How did a small shop become a small market?

The Samarra and Sondra were an Italian-run pharmacy in the small town of Samarrala, in the state of Gozo.A few years after opening in 1992, the business was sold to a group of businessmen, who later expanded the business into an outlet and grocery store in the same location. According to the owners, the family business


Rangers to sign Ryan McBride to back-up Scott #3

Rangers forward Ryan McBraynes has been linked to a return to the Rangers, with the club expected to announce his signing soon.McBride, 28, is currently on loan at Norwich City.He scored in their victory over Reading in the Capital One Cup final on Tuesday, making his debut for the Rovers in October 2012 and has

When Louisiana governor says he wants to appoint an expert to oversee the development of an emergency medical service, he needs to have a good medical background

By KYLE HENRYKALEN and ALEXANDER MUNSONAssociated PressAssociated PressThe Louisiana governor says in a statement that he wants a doctor who has a bachelor’s degree in a field related to emergency medicine.Louisiana Gov.John Bel Edwards said Wednesday that he’s “looking for someone with expertise in the field of emergency medicine” who can help him develop a